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‘I’ve got you covered!’ is a new feature on whatfifound all about pretty covers!

Apparently you shouldn’t judge a book on its cover alone but sometimes when you’ve already read a book and you’re looking to adorn your bookcase with spiffing new editions I feel we should make a cheeky exception…

I thought I’d give you folks a run down of my favourite editions as and when I purchase them so you know if they’re worth your cash before you buy them! Up first Penguin Threads collection:


This beautiful collection has been created by artists Jillian Tamaki and Rachell Sumpter. The covers are originally illustrated and meticulously hand stitched and then sculpt embossed. The effect is a cover that is wonderful to run your hands across aswell as vibrant with colour. Having seen many bloggers and book lovers with these editions I caved and purchased childhood wonders: The Wizard of Oz and The Wind in the Willows.


The collection comprises four further celebrated literary classics; Black Beauty, Francis Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden,  Emma,  and Little Women.

But are they worth it?

The quality of the card the covers are printed on is luxurious and absolutely worth the money spent and you can really see the craftmanship the artists put in. There are some small foibles I have with these despite their lovely design:

  1. These average £10 on Amazon, which for the tight-pursed, i.e me, is a hefty sum for a paperback.
  2. Not all of the titles particularly widely available – I am yet to see Black Beauty in stock in major book retailers.
  3. They’re so beautiful that with their creamy vanilla paper I’m live in genuine fear of ruining them with a glug of tea or wine…but that might be more to do with my need for a beverage with my book than anything else.

Close-ups are provided below so you can gaze in wonderment at said beauty and spilling-of-beaverages-potential:





personally I would reccommend these books for keen collectors of the aesthetically pleasing variety; there’s something exciting about just admiring these from afar. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. However I would say these editions do require looking after so maybe… choose white wine instead of red? Yep, that’s definitely the message of this first feature. In all seriousness these editions are some of the most unique and wonderful I have seen and in my eyes they are more than worthy of the little extra up keep.

Are there any other specific editions you would like me to chat about, or have you got any pretty book editions you could reccommend to me? Please let me know it the comments!

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