Fi’s Happy days | Little ways to love your day

Sometimes I find that, like most people, I have a completely rotten day and every thing in that day is doomed to be equally as god-awful. But over the years I have found so small nuggets of happy that can make even the worst days feel a tiny bit happier and I thought I’d share them with you lovely shiny people! 🙂

  1. Get out of bed. Sometimes your bad day carries over from the day before; someone said something, or you did something you regret, or nothing went to plan and staying in bed feels safer some how. I know that feeling too well and the best thing to do when you feel sad? Get up and step into the world and LET IT SURPRISE YOU
  2. Eat something yummy but GOOD. Take the time to put care into preparing a nice meal
  3. Find your happy place and rest a while
  4. Read something that could change your life. Honestly books are the only miracle I believe in
  5. Wear your favourite item of clothing
  6. Experience nostalgia – scrapbook old memories, or call an old friend up for a chat
  7. Watch The Office (US), or your programme of choice (but honestly The Office is hysterical)
  8. Pamper yourself, even if it is just painting your nails with Gogglebox on in the background
  9. Accomplish something small but mighty. This can be ANYTHING like checking your emails that you’ve been putting off, or doing some laundry, or starting that bit of coursework. There’s a joy and a relief in just starting something
  10. Seek companionship and big laughs. There is no better cure for sadness or boredom than belly laughs
  11. Tidy your room, or wreck it, focus on making the immediate space around you exactly as you want it. Put some pictures up of you and your pals, hoover, or stick on a candle
  12. Speak to a perfect stranger, just to be nice
  13. Compliment yourself – don’t wait for someone else to do it for you
  14. Blankets: blankets are always good – wear them as capes, snuggle in them, build a fort

From Fi x

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