A poem

This is a slam poem I dreamt up on my walk to work walking by the mother with red hair who I always pass at the cash and carry and all the other commuters I see regularly…except Monday was a bad health day.

I can be hesitant publishing what I write when it’s this personal but perhaps one of you can relate? This is how I feel when I’m anxious and can’t face looking passers-by in the eye (woo for accidental rhyme). I’m trying to read more poetry – are there any poets published or unpublished any of you lovely readers would recommend?

Anxiety pushes.

You push on towards me

Not seeing that we are different

I’m a footprint

You’re a typhoon, that baffles, traps

Feet stomping onwards making a


You are…LOUD

My head paces – does she, he, it know?

We are two horses in the races

And I’m just slow

Sluggish, broken down, a full-on frown

Is there a word for it?

Let down

Pressed now

Jumped up with worry

Hurrying to pass the woman with her stroller

In her rollers, on the school run

Don’t worry hun because I keep my head down


Until I feel the wind she makes as her pram brushes

By, by my side


I survived.

Fi xx

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